What we do

Design of dies

The technical department of Steel Meccanica designs (and simulates) in co-design and in close relationship with the customer from the early stages. Thanks to its experience it is able to satisfy even the most complex needs and it is able to provide 9.000 hours of annual design in-house.

In the automation of internal working processes, all operators are able to work on the project in real time, reducing the possibility of errors and allowing prompt corrections if necessary.

  • No. 4 3D VISICAD posts able to interact with all the more important platforms on the market (dxf, dwg, IGS, Model, VDA, Prt, etc.);
  • No. 1 VISIBLANK post;
  • No. 1 AUTOFORM post able to simulate the pressing process;
  • No. 3 VISICAM posts for milling in 2-3 and 5 axis;
  • No. 3 VISI CAD-CAM posts for milling in 2,5 axis;
  • No. 1 VISICAM post for EDM machine;
  • No. 6 VISICAD posts able to simulate the assembly process;

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