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We design and manufacture block molds, progressive molds and transfer molds for cold sheet metal processing, specializing in automotive and household appliances

Artisan heart

Our roots as an artisan company allow us, in addition to an extreme dynamism in meeting their needs, to establish a cordial and long-lasting human relationship with our customers

Quality goal

In the goal of continuous growth, in the year 1999 Steel Meccanica achieved ISO 9001 quality system certification (cert. No. 2233), which is constantly updated to the latest editions

Mente tecnologica

True to the “paperless” philosophy, we monitor the entire production process in real time with a computer system that allows us to keep track of everything so as to minimize errors

Moulds for cold sheet metal processing

Our products

Steel Meccanica over the years has established cooperative relationships with the largest domestic and international automotive manufacturers
Equipment designed and produced by Steel Meccanica is also used by major companies operating in the household appliance industry
Steel Meccanica through years of experience designs, manufactures and tests in various fields: construction, security, electromechanics and agriculture

Molds produced by Steel Meccanica are used by TIER 1 suppliers of some of the world’s leading automotive brands


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