What we do

Construction of dies

Founded in 1994, Steel Meccanica started working in the household appliance sector. Thanks to its growth and development it manages to work in complex and competitive markets, such as the Automotive sector.

Steel Meccanica has steadily grown in its company dimensions, it covers more than 3.000 sqm, where it is able to provide 40.000 hours of annual work in-house. More than 300 sqm of offices and the careful organization enable the company to provide 9.000 hours of annual design. Faithful to the philosophy of “paperless” office, we monitor in real time the whole production process with an IT system that allows us to digitally track all activities and processes in order to reduce errors.

The production workshop has high-speed CNC milling machines of medium and large-size, EDM machines, grinding machines, presses from 600 to 1.000 tons for testing, and all the machines necessary to make the company completely self-sufficient, starting from design up to testing.

A long-lasting collaboration with a network of external companies makes Steel Meccanica also able to supply mass production.

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